What credit should I choose to finance which project?

As a special bank advisor in Brest, I see people every day with heady dreams, life projects and wonderful ideas. Young families wanting to buy their first home, students buying their first car or financing their education, individuals who want to tinker and improve their home idea, and so on! All these beautiful projects have a cost, it’s the dark side of the business…

But as we say, for each project its financing and credit! Everything is possible when you believe it. I therefore allow myself to dedicate a page to the projects and their financing possibilities while answering your questions.

I want to buy a car

I want to buy a car

This is precisely why auto credit has been created! Not only do banks or credit institutions offer this loan product, but also most car dealerships. Auto credit comes in several types. The most common is the personal loan – in the form of a conventional non-earmarked conso credit, it can reach up to 75 000 $ loan.

Find the full details of the auto credit panel by clicking here.

Auto loans apply to any type of vehicle: city cars as well as sedans, diesel or gasoline, new or used. No constraints are fixed. The loan can cover the entire purchase amount or just a portion.

I want to finance my children’s studies or their driving license

I want to finance my children

Several types of credits may be suitable for financing a life project such as studies, a permit, a wedding, etc.

First there is the unaffected personal loan with a maximum duration of 7 years and up to 75 000 $. The consumption credit is also well suited to this type of project. The advantages of this loan are its accessibility and flexibility; and it’s cheap! The free loan or zero rate loan is also very popular with the French. His particuliarity ? You only repay what you have borrowed, no interest! Finally, there is the revolving credit, which may eventually be suitable for this type of financing. The revolving credit is to make available to the borrower a sum of money that he will renew with his repayments. The advantage of this credit that he is also unaffected.

We want to renovate and do some work with us

We want to renovate and do some work with us

It’s a credit job that you need! This banking product is affected that is to say that it can be subscribed only for the financing of works: renovations, domestic work, purchase or construction of the principal residence of the borrower or improvement works (enlargement, upgrading to ecological standards, insulation, earthworks, major household appliances, etc.). The credit works is in fact a conso classic credit but exclusively reserved for the works mentioned above. To subscribe, the borrower must submit a complete file (project, quote) to the bank. Often interest rates range from 2.5% to 7.75%.

If you have modest resources, be fearless, several forms of assisted credit exist! I am thinking in particular of the PAS: Social Accession Loan (purchase of a new home or land, construction of the main residence of the borrower household), the eco-loan (energy and ecological renovations) and the ELP or Housing Savings Loan. (construction or purchase of housing, renovation works in the form of blocked savings).

I wish to finance a personal project (travel, purchase…)


Who says personal project (marriage, travel, studies, hospital expenses or following a death, happy event, furnishing, other) says personal loan. Unaffected, you have a sum of money that you can spend at your leisure without notifying your bank. With a duration of 3 months to 7 years and an amount between $ 4,000 and $ 75,000, it offers a great deal of flexibility to its subscriber.

In case you want to redecorate your home or equip yourself with appliances or equipment or technology, that is to say that if you intend to buy consumer goods, I recommend the credit conso. On the same system as the personal loan, consumer credit is reserved for material consumer goods. Money can be used many times, even on several different projects.

I want to start my business

I want to start my business

To you who dare to embark on the business creation adventure, I can only advise you the professional credit! It is generally used to finance the launch of a business, the purchase or construction of offices, the acquisition of equipment and furniture, or the financing of one-off cash needs. It also comes in several subtypes of professional credits, which I invite you to discover on this page.

In conclusion

With each project, its means! For any credit affected be sure of your project and be sure to submit a complete file to reassure your lender. Do not hesitate to make a substantial contribution (approximately 20% of the initial purchase amount) to reinforce it in the idea of ​​lending you money. For unrestricted loans, make sure to present strong and reliable guarantees.

Do not hesitate to speak directly to the professionals of your bank, or to commercial brands that also offer forms of borrowing to finance specific projects such as travel or weddings for example.